Easy steps showing you how to publish your first WordPress post

I have noticed that more and more clients are starting to publish blog post. That is such good news because it is SO good for SEO. I wanted to share a few things that will help the bloggers and might even motivate a few of you to start blogging. Just start with one posts. One article that shares something about your business. Something that you have learnt over time. Maybe the reason why you got into your line of business. Anything that will add valuable content to your website.  It might be a little overwhelming the first time, so I thought I would create a post to walk you through the process. This will be a very high-level view, with a follow-up post that will explain in more detail how to make your post more SEO friendly.   If buttons are in a slightly different place, it might be because of the theme you are using. Please let me know so that I can adjust this post accordingly.

The First Step

Log into your WP-admin panel > Go to Posts > Add New.  This will open a page where you will be writing your first post.

Save Draft

This might seem strange that I am showing you how to save your post before we have even started. However, nothing kills inspiration quicker than starting with vim and vigour and then losing all your work because of a network error that forces you to reload the page, and therefore losing all your work.  Trust me, I speak from experience, it is soul-destroying having to start all over again. Save regularly or even better, write your post in a text editor like Word and copy and paste it into WordPress when you are done.

You can find the “Save Draft” button at the top of the screen in the right sidebar under “Publish”.


Enter the title of your post. Make it meaningful so that readers would want to click on it to read.

Featured Image

Add an image that shows what the post is about.

Where do I find images?

It’s very important to use images that are legally sourced. There are sites that provide free images however I usually go for the paid services. The image quality is often better and you have a lot more variety. However, if you are not short of time, it is worth going through the free sites to see if they have anything you can use.  Some of the sites might ask you to acknowledge the author so it would be a good idea to check the conditions of the license before you use it.

For reasonably priced stock images I use two sites:

A few sites offering free images are:

The size of your image has an effect on the download speed of the site, which in turns have an effect on your SEO. In the next post, How to write an SEO friendly post. I explain how to resize your image and optimize it for web use. It would be wise to come back to this later to learn how to optimise your images – it really is not difficult!

Upload your image

Once you have your image ready, scroll down to “Featured Image”. Click on Set featured image > Upload Images > Select Files. Choose the image on your computer > Click open.

You will be presented with this screen:


Alt Text

Enter a meaningful description of the image in the Alt Text. This is extremely important for SEO, so once you are familiar with the process of creating your post, please take the time to read the next article: How to write an SEO friendly post. This will explain in details how to write a valuable alt attribute. It will be worth it if you see your ranking rise in a Google Search!

Writing your first post

Click in the Text Editor. If you are familiar with MS Word or similar applications, you will feel right at home. Now you are ready to share your knowledge and ideas. Write for your audience, the people that you want as customers. Make it easy to understand and keep in mind, people scan posts, so use headings to break the text up into sections. More about headings later in the next post.  Use at least one image in your post to make it more visually appealing and that will illustrate what the post is about.  Most importantly, don’t copy someone else’s post, be unique, give YOUR view on the topic. What you want to say may have been said before, but it has never been said by YOU! If you copy someone else’s post, chances are someone will notice and you will lose all credibility. Besides, Google will defintely know and penalise you severely. Don’t create duplicate content which is a whole other topic on its own that will be covered in future posts.

Adding an image to your post

Click where you want to insert the image.  Click Add Media (just under the title of the post) > Upload Images > Select Files.  Choose the image on your computer and Click open. You will be presented with the exact same screen as above when you entered the Featured Image.

Use Bold and Italics

Use Bold and Italics here and there to accentuate text. Readers will notice that first, and Google will know it is important.

Creating Bullet Lists

This makes it easier for readers to scan the post. If they can easily see what the post is about, chances are they will stay and read it in full. Possibly even share the post!

Publish your post

Once you are done, or even in between when you want to see what your post looks like, you can click Save Draft and then Preview. Both these buttons can be found in the right sidebar at the top of the page. Preview will open the post in the next tab of your browser. If you need to tweak things, just go back to where you were writing the post, make the changes and Save Draft again.  Click Preview again to refresh the page to see your changes. When you are happy that everything is ready, you can click Publish. Congratulations, your post is live! You have taken the first step to not only sharing your ideas and knowledge but also improving your SEO. Time for a celebratory glass of wine. Enjoy!

You wrote your first post!

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