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Prepared by: Vernita Kruger from Red Swirl Design

Prepared for:


Thank you for the opportunity to quote for the redesign and build the {Client} website. I understand that you would like
a whole new look and feel. We will migrate the site away from Go-Daddy and create a new WordPress site with a good stable host with good support. Having a localhost will make a big difference in the speed of the site and make it easier to communicate with the hosting company if there are any issues.

We will keep all the functionality the site currently has and give it a clean, minimalistic look so that
the photos can really shine. I understand that it is very important to you that the site should be
easy to use. You want to change photos and information without problems. Therefor we will use a
pagebuilder and give you training on how to use it when we go live.

The site should have filter and search functionalities to filter according to Location, Type (we might
change this term) and Features.Currently the site has 40 properties

Contact form that links to specific property.
The new website will be a powerful marketing and communications tool to attract new clients, posi-
tion itself as a tough leader in the industry and provide credibility to potential clients. We will do a
completely new build with newer technologies to ensure the site has a long and happy life!

Business Needs

Specifically, the new website needs to fulfil the following business needs:
{Business Needs}

Target Audience Needs

The exact target audience will be discussed at the beginning of the project. However, the general
rules will apply like a fast loading site that works perfectly on mobile and desktop, is uncluttered,
easy to navigate and SEO friendly.

We will keep it fresh, light, uncluttered with some subtle movement to catch the attention and en-
force the idea that you are a modern and forward-thinking company.


The website will be designed to:
{Website Purpose}

Project Timeline

You don’t need to decide what timeline you would like to choose at this point, it is not going to influence the price, it is just for information.


Project Essentials:

Project Options:
The following options are recommended to enhance the performance of the website and help you achieve the strategic objectives outlined in this proposal. None of these options are essential and all these options can be added at a later stage.

Project Total - {}

The Project Total assumes you take all the Project Options in bold. Please adjust the price with the options that you feel comfortable with. We pride ourselves in the fact that we can customise the project to suite your budget so please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss this further. The above pricing is effective for 30 days.

- 25% deposit up front to secure your starting date.
- 25% installment when the project is started.
- 25% installment and all extra outstanding fees when the development stage starts or 3 weeks after the starting date, whichever comes first.
- 25% balance and all other outstanding fees once the website has been tested and everyone agrees it is ready to go live or 6 weeks after the starting date, whichever comes first.
Payment plans and package deals are available on request

Frequently Asked Questions

Next Steps

To proceed with this project, please inform us of which options you would like to include in the final contract. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss any requirements or desired changes to the proposal.

Please note that changes to the scope of the project can be made at any time, but additional charges may apply.

Once the final proposal has been agreed upon, an invoice for 25% of the total project fee will be sent. Once this non-refundable deposit has been paid you will officially be on the waiting list and receive your start date.

Once these steps have been completed, we will begin the project with an introduction of all relevant people and begin the discovery process.

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