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introducing VIP DESIGN DAYS


Stop cringing every time a dream client asks for your website

You have big goals and it's time to bring your sales page, website, or ecommerce shop up to the next level quickly...

Be my VIP for the day!

a custom-designed and strategic website in just one day.

do you have website shame? I feel your pain!

let's fix this

Was your last experience with a website designer long, frustrating and expensive?

And between running your business, putting yourself out there on social media and enjoying your life outside of work, the last thing you want is to be up to your eyeballs with DIYing your website and dealing with 404 errors (what are those even?!).

I feel your pain! Website shame is like a bad hair day on steroids, and I know you’d rather be caught in the supermarket while wearing your pajamas than give your online buddies your URL in its current state! *been there*

But here’s the thing - you and your brand are losing credibility (and sales) by the second. I bet you've judged a business or brand you checked out by their dodgy site before! Bounced onto Google (or Instagram) to find the next option instead of giving them a chance! Yup … think about that.

I created One Day Websites for businesses looking for affordable, easy to use websites which attract more customers.

I believe that in today’s fast-moving marketplace, no-one has time to waste getting their business up and running and your website is your online shop window.

Work with my team and I to create a website which fits your brief, and launch it in just one day!

  • Website copy

  • User experience

  • Content

  • Lead generation

  • Design

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • Website Speed

  • Website Security



We’re a website business with a digital marketing focus

We are here to create your website, not make more work for you to do

We believe simplicity rules and have a process to deliver your website with ease

We have tons of experience and a portfolio full of wonderful websites


Skip the waitlist.
Ditch the drawn-out frustrating design process.
No more back and forth emails for weeks on end.

  • Choose your designer and get on their waitlist…
  • Wait weeks or months to even get started…
  • Endless back and forth emails…
  • Wondering if your site will ever be ready to launch…
  • Watching and waiting for something to change on your demo site…

enough already!


in just one day?

Since you’ve already collected all your web content, I get straight into the design work right away, which is a massive time saver in both our lives.

I also block out my calendar (leaving just enough time for a cup of my favourite brew) and for those 24 hours - my world, quite literally, revolves around YOU and your brand spanking new website!

Because this is a standard (still fab though) five page website I’m not tinkering too much in the back end or prolonging the process with complicated coding and features you don’t need.

And when I’m done, you’ll be left with an incredible springboard that can grow with you and your business!

I’m super passionate about what I do … I know you are super passionate about what you do.

And one of the reasons I can develop your website in just one day is because I have 20 years of experience (aging gracefully, I know!) and an arsenal of premium tools which work like a bomb so you don’t have to!

  • Quick communication
  • Professional results
  • Done by dinner


You had a professional designer who has blocked off her whole day just for you!

  • tick

    You want a stylish, gremlin-free website that tells your brand story with eloquence and magic.

  • tick

    You want an online home that is all you, and all done with the best tools on the market.

  • tick

    AND you want a designer who gets it right the first time.

  • tick

    A designer who gets your vision without tons of follow up emails and lengthy meetings.

  • tick

    A designer who spares you the tears, and nightmares, and makes you forget all about your last experience with a web developer.

  • tick

    You want to work with someone who you can trust, and involve in the epic journey of your business without reservation.

  • tick

    You need the backing of an experienced, knowledgeable developer who breaks down the tech speak into bite-size lingo that you can understand and sign off on with ease.

what you want



  • They get my undivided attention throughout our day!
  • It is F.A.S.T! (It doesn't get better than "done by dinner"!)
  • The process is highly collaborative, so they can provide real-time feedback as I work.
  • It's actually a LESS expensive way to get the same results, faster!
  • My process is super-streamlined and organized.
  • You'll know exactly when the final product will be ready to share with the world!
  • It's super exciting to start the day with nothing, and end with tangible results!


Your gorgeous 5 page website delivered in one day

  • tick

    Custom Designed Website Design & Development in WordPress

  • tick

    Up to Five Web Pages

  • tick

    Custom Designed Blog

  • tick

    Fully branded Login Screen and Dashboard

  • tick

    1 Hour Free support per month for 3 months

  • tick

    1 Year worth of Theme & Plugin licensing

    You have the option to extend this with a paid Plugin Pass thereafter or to go onto a Care Plan which includes plugin licences.

  • tick

    PLUS A selection of training videos on every aspect of your website … think of it as your detailed video training manual for all the tech I’ve setup for you.

Custom website design

Every website design is custom-made so you get a professional website that is specific to your needs and your target audience. We design the website with your brand and needs in mind. 

(3-5 pages in a day, 6-8 pages in two days)

Ecommerce Store Setup

Add a custom WooCommerce store to your WordPress site. so that you can focus on the business of selling your products.  

Redesign and existing site

Redesign an existing site on a custom theme you'll be able to update yourself!

Website Consult & Refresh

Get professional suggestions for how to improve your WordPress site. You decide which things you'd like done, and I'll make the updates for you!

Website Punch List

Knock out that running list of little things you'd like updated or added to your site.

Redesign and existing site

Redesign an existing site on a custom theme you'll be able to update yourself!

How does it work?


Choose a date, pay to secure and your slot is booked to have your one day website created.


Choose a day below that works best for you. Make sure you’re leaving yourself 2 weeks to do some prep work before your VIP Design Day.

You’ll need to be available throughout your intensive to respond to quick texts, so don’t choose a day that’s already busy.

Book your date with a 50% deposit or pay in full.


Schedule a quick 15 minute consult with me to discuss your project and that way we can make sure we are good match for each other and ready to go with my one day intensive! After that, you'll receive a link to my calendar to book your VIP day - select a day that you know you can commit to providing all content by - images, integrations and copy - as well as be available for any communication and revisions during that day!

Step 2 Get Prepared

Complete your preparation guide (we'll send it) and upload all content to Dropbox.


Once you’ve booked, you’ll receive a welcome email from me. Inside, you’ll find all the info about your prep work and how to get started. 

You’ll want to complete the prep work before our kick-off strategy call so that we can be as efficient as possible during our time together.


As mentioned, you'll use the time between when you book and your start date to gather all materials and copy for your website! Booking my VIP day includes guidance with your copy through Jess Jordana's Promptlates, an in-depth questionnaire to gather the content you create based on the template we are starting from along with any customization requests, and a kickoff strategy session to make sure you are prepared for your one-day intensive!


Make yourself available on the day of the build to provide feedback and answer any questions.


On your day, we’ll communicate through a text messaging service of your choice. You can expect lots of quick back-and-forth messages as I knock out your list and we nail down your design together.

While it is a very collaborative day, it is NOT an in-person or Zoom intensive, no need to get fancy! 


The day is here and let's get this done! We'll communicate via Voxer or email as the day goes so you will want to make sure you are available for any questions or concerns that might arise. We'll handle the design, revisions and submit your website to Showit support for launching!


After we’ve completed our day together, you’ll have 14 days of support on anything related to the work we did during your VIP Day! 

You’ll also get 6 months of access to the WordPress Tutorial Vault filled with helpful tutorials and videos.


After your design intensive, I'll be accessible via Voxer and email for any followup support for 30 days! If you run into any issues, questions or challenges feel free to reach out to me and we'll get you taken care of! I'm also here for email support beyond that and I offer hourly design assistance services for past clients should you need more intensive assistance or upgrades!

Book a Call

The first step is to book a call with Alison here. We’ll have a chat about what you are looking for and how we can help.

Discuss the Strategy

Once you’ve decided to work with us, we’ll have a longer discussion about your ideas.

Set the Launch Date

We’ll agree your Go Live date – usually 2-3 weeks after this call.

Complete the Prep

You’ll then have 10 simple preparation tasks to complete so we get all the info we need from you to build your new website.

Check In

A few days before Go Live, we’ll have another call to check in with progress so far.

Go Live Day!

On this date we’ll have 3 check in calls/emails while we complete the finishing touches, pushing the site life for you by the end of the day!

what are you waiting for?


this is for you if...

One Day Website is a fun, easy process if you are truly ready for your brand to explode online.

  • You are ready to hire a professional to build your website and get results quickly!
  • All your brand assets are good to go! Think brand logo, colour palette, images, copy, everything you need to create a website that is 100% you.
  • You know who your ideal client is and how you want to speak to them.
  • You know what the primary goal of your website is.
  • You have a deadline, and a budget, and you can’t wait to rock and roll!

This is perfect for my not-messing-around-get-sh*t-done-bosses who are looking for a turnkey website quickly and efficiently that takes their business' needs, prioritizes user experiences and leads to more clients and sales.

I’ve had to fix A LOT of broken websites for clients and other less experienced web developers. And here in South Africa there’s an Afrikaans saying, “Goedkoop koop is duurkoop!” which kinda sorta means that “buying cheap is buying expensive!”. And while going the DIY route or accepting the cheapest quote might save you money the first time around, you are bound to spend more money in the long run! For real, I’ve broken down the true cost of DIY design here.

While this mistake is quite common (and nothing to be embarrassed about) it pains me to see clients who have invested time and money on a solution only to pay me to start from scratch and do this website thing right!

Hey, maybe you’re first website was okay for when you started.

Maybe you quite liked your last web design.

But maybe it’s time for something different, something new, something professional and 100% you.

Maybe you want to re-launch without the month long lead times.

Perhaps you’re starting a new business in a hurry.

Whatever your story, a One Day Website can turn a page in your business with speed and efficiency!


You are an entrepreneur or small business owner who has a service based business

You’ve a clear sense of your business identity and what problems you solve for your customers

You may already have a website and are looking to uplevel with your next one

You don’t want to spend months on website creation – you want an easy and enjoyable creative process

this is not for you if...

  • You want to DIY some things to lower costs!
  • Your brand is kind of mod podge and all over the place right now.
  • You don’t have a logo, colour palette, images or copy - yet!
  • You’re unsure about your ideal client or want to market to every single soul - for a while.
  • You don’t really know why you need a website or what to use it for.
  • Building your website is not urgent and you’re on a really tight budget!

Book your free consult below so we can discuss your project and goals and make sure it is a great fit for this package

behind the scenes / what you get

What You Get:

On your VIP Day, you’ll get a full day of dedicated work time on your business: your website, graphics, or social media accounts. During the day I will be in contact with you, asking for your feedback and updating you on the status of the work.


  • BONUS #1:  Access to your very own One-Day VIP portal, with a One-Day VIP workbook and guides that will make sure we’re both ready-to-go on your VIP Day
  • BONUS #2:  a Strategy Call prior to your VIP Day to discuss the things you need my help with. This call will ensure that we’re on the same page with expectations – and will help us make sure we make the most effective use of our time together on your VIP Day.
  • BONUS #3: 30 days of Post-VIP Day Support: Following your VIP Day, you’ll get 30 days of email support where you can ask me any questions you have about the work that I completed for you. You can request feedback, clarification, and personalized walk-thru video demos, as needed.

Template of your choice and my template customization service. We'll implement your branding, your needs and any requests you have to make the website unique to you!

Customization of up to 5 pages for a 1 day intensive. Additional pages (up to 10) will require a 2 day intensive.

Voxer or Email Communication throughout the day as we work through the process of building your new site so we can get it all done and launched efficiently!

Final Walkthrough Session and Access to my step-by-step Showit course so that you know how to maintain and run your website without a hitch after we are done!

what happens after the build?

  • tick

    Your own client portal where you can easily access everything we have shared for your build

  • tick

    Extensive selection of training videos right in your dashboard

  • tick

    Website Owners Manual to help you keep all the important info in one spot

    • I will hand over the keys to your brand spanking new online home and you can start showing it off.
    • I will be available to fix any bugs for a period of 1 month after the development.
    • You will have access to complementary online training and your logins for you to access and add new content or edit existing content.
    • I have website care plans available and I can be your website wing woman for an hourly investment if you want me to add anything further.

Schedule Your VIP Day!

Get started today with your one-time payment of $1500
(or pay a $795 deposit today + $795 on your VIP Day)



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