Email Scam


Email Scam

Newsletter that went out to clients:

Dear Clients

First of all: Happy New Year! Hope it is a wonderful year for each and every one of you.

I wanted to make everyone aware of an email scam going around. It says:

Hi xxx
We received a server request to delete all saved emails in your inbox, sent folders, POP, and IMAP mail servers respectively, and Shutdown your email.

If this was made accidentally or you have no knowledge of it, you are Advised to stop this Action NOW!


Email Support

If you receive an email like the one above, please don’t click on the link. It is a phishing scam that will ask you for your username and password. Please just delete the email, and to be on the safe side, block the email address.

How do I know if it a scam?

If you hover the mouse over the link without clicking, you will notice the URL that the link will take you to. In this case:

Looking at the it looks quite legit. The trick is to inspect the URL further until you get to the first forward slash (/) Whatever is just before that, in this case, is where the email is trying to send you.

If your email is not hosted by, it is safe to say it is a scam or spam. Either way, block the email address and delete.

Feel free to pass this message around to friends and family. This year I will aim to post warnings like this to my Facebook page so feel free to follow my page for further updates:

Kind Regards

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