How We Work

No mess, no fuss

We are able to offer a first class service by following proven processes and using superb systems.

Below is a breakdown of the process and what you can expect.


It helps tremendously to learn as much as we can about your business – the goals and objectives you want to achieve, your target audience, and your vision and dreams for the company.


We use all the information you provided to create a sitemap that will determine what pages and subpages you need. From this, we will create a navigational system that is easy to understand and gives users access to all the content in a consistent way. Here we will also decide what technologies should be implemented like contact forms, appointment scheduling plugins, or calendars.


This is where the creative juices start flowing. We use all the information gathered so far to create the look and feel of the site. Your target audience and your current marketing materials like your logo and colours will play a major part in this as we want to create a consistent brand for you. We will create a first draft / mock up and present this for review and discussion.


When we develop the site we use the feedback from the design phase to create a functional website. As with anything in life, ideas and perceptions are fluid. This means it’s important to keep you involved throughout the process, feeding back progress, ensuring the result is in line with your expectations.


At this stage we test the functionality of the site, making sure forms, scripts and plugins work seamlessly on all platforms. This means there will be no compatibility issues and it will work in all major browsers on all different devices. After we receive final approval we will upload and install the files to your server and test again to make sure everything works correctly. Now the site is live for the public to view.

This is the official launch of your site!


Once we have designed and developed your site we can also help with website management aspects such as web hosting, maintenance and Search Engine Optimization, which is a crucial part of having a successful online business.

The bottom line: 100% customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Our work will show how we helped a variety of clients.

In a hurry?

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