Project Timelines

You don’t need to decide what timeline you would like to choose at this point, it is not going to influence the price, it is just for information.

The aim of the VIP Day is for me to give you my undivided attention for the full day (or it can be spread over two half days). There will be no interruptions, no phone calls and no other emails. My other clients will be informed ahead of time that I am not available on the day so that my attention will be 100% on this project, and therefore I will get so much more done than in an ordinary day.

I will set up the project in my content collection system called Content Snare at the beginning of the project where you will find a list of everything I need for the day. I will need all this information a week or two before the VIP Day so that I can make sure everything is in order.

This is a very popular option for people that have a clear picture of what they want, can make quick decisions, and have their brand identity in place. This means, your logo, colours and fonts needs to be established so that we can focus on the actual build of the website on the day. The process is highly collaborative, which means you get the opportunity to give real-time feedback as I work. For this reason, it is important to book a date where you are available for quick answers and feedback so that there is no delay.

This also works really well for people that just want to leave the design process for me, and do not want to be involved in any design decisions. They might feel they have no idea what their website should look like and will trust that what I deliver will be what their company needs. They want it done quickly and efficiently so that they can be online quickly.

Traditional Timeline
This process takes a lot longer than the VIP Day. It is best for people that likes to take their time to think about ideas or maybe you need to get input from business partners.

Discovery 2 Weeks
Development of a sitemap and interactive prototype so that all functionalities can be tested and approved in the browser.

Design 1 Weeks
Design of website user experience and user interface.

Development 2 Weeks
Development of working website.

Testing 1 Week
Final testing and debugging on development server before launching.

If you want the website up and running quickly, and you think you might get frustrated by emails back and forth, the VIP Day is the way to go.


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