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Client: Lisa Penderis

Industry: Photography

Project Scope

Lisa, a photographer from Somerset West, South Africa wanted a new portfolio website to display her beautiful photos. She had a bad experience with her previous website breaking down and being on a platform that she did not know how to use she had no idea how to fix it. This left her without a site for her photography business for a long time.

My main goal was to create a site that showed off her photos but is also easy enough for her to maintain herself. I wanted to create a minimalistic website without too many distractions so that the photos are front and center. As with any creative person Lisa wanted to give full input into the design but was very open to suggestions. This helped us create a site that managed that fine balance between keeping the site light enough for quick download speed without compromising the image quality.

We also designed Lisa’s logo which she wanted in various soft pastel colours and a soft feminine font. We did a logo in two layouts so that it can be used on various platforms.

Unfortunately due to Covid, Lisa had to close the business for now but we hope she will be able to open again soon.

Lisa's Feedback

Vernita from Red Swirl Design did a great job on my photography website. She is a professional, knowledgable and creative web designer and SEO expert. I would highly recommend using Red Swirl Design should you be looking for a website developer.


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